US, NATO allies take flight at Polygone

Unleashing Tech so Airmen Can ‘Train as They Fight’

Air Force leaders want Airmen to train as they fight, but the barriers to executing true distributed mission operations are everywhere: simulators and networks need to communicate, combat systems need to talk to simulators, international partners need access to one or another component of the live, virtual, and constructive training continuum.

The Air Force is looking for answers. The answers may lie in a legacy program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, that enabled Navy training with joint and allied partners. Called the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE), HII developed and matured in partnership with the Navy, it offers a comprehensive toolset for solving the Air Force’s LVC training challenges, said Michael Aldinger, vice president and Air Force lead for HII’s LVC Solutions Group.

“The Air Force and Navy DMO programs are focused on ‘Train as you Fight,’” Aldinger said. “The concept is to prepare the warfighter to execute their missions successfully. The training systems we integrate are concurrent with the platforms in the field, so our distributed architectures enable the warfighter to train with the teams they’re going to deploy with, preparing them to successfully conduct their missions.”

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